Specialized in research and development for Integrated Environmental Management Information and Decision Support Systems that combine environmental sciences, economics, and socio-political aspects with advanced information and communication technology, ESS provides dedicated high-performance environmental management information and decision support systems combining advanced (i.e., dynamic, distributed, high-resolution, non-linear, stochastic) simulation and optimization models, data analysis, GIS, and expert systems.

Integrated solutions use a modular, distributed and web based client-server architecture for cost-efficient use of state-of-the-art information resources, easy access and use. Multi-media user interfaces, Internet/Intranet access, and a broad range of supporting services from dedicated research and development to complete ASP outsourcing solutions with Internet access for distributed and mobile clients are made available.


WaterWare is an integrated, model-based information and decision support system for water resources management. WaterWare integrates results of the EUREKA project EU487 and related Research, Technology & Development (RTD) projects; The System is designed to support the implementation of the Water Framework Directive (2000/60/EC) or similar national legislations.

  • Open, object-oriented client-server architecture
  • Fully web-enabled and Internet-based
  • Seamless integration of databases, GIS, simulation and optimization models, and analytical tools
  • Real-time data management, simulation and non-linear multi-objective, multi-criteria optimization modeling, with data assimilation, forecasting, and reporting
  • Easy-to-use framework


AirWare is the "next generation" model-based real-time and web-based information and decision support system for urban and industrial air quality assessment and management. The system supports the implementation of European and national environmental legislation such as the European Air Quality Framework Directive 2008/50/EC (replacing 96/62/EC) and Daughter Directives, 88/609/EEC on major point sources, 89/429/EEC and 89/369/EEC on incinerators or 90/313/EEC on public access to environmental information.

AirWare supports intergrated data management and modeling tools for:

  • Compliance monitoring, alerts and alarms, reporting
  • Nowcasts, forecasts and public information, 3G mobile client support
  • Scenario analysis and source apportionment, EIA and SEA studies
  • Multi-citeria emission control optimization, policy design